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Bramwell Freeman

Capturing beautiful classical music


Bramwell Freeman is an Orange County/ Los Angeles-based recording engineer who has played a fundamental part in opening doors and allowing artist to represent their best to the world.Bramwell is known for his easygoing attitude and for respecting the artist’s unique qualities and natural sound. With over 10 years of experience in the classical music industry, Bramwell is able to help capture a beautiful classical sound that is unique to you.

My philosophy

Capture good-sounding audio from the start. You are amazing and unique. That uniqueness is what I want to share and not change. So, I believe in complete takes and do not splice notes together or pitch correct, but slightly enhance your sound by adding warmth and EQ

My Process

  • I capture great sounding classical music from the source

  • then **I mix it **for balance and a true to you sound

  • after,** I add **a little warmth and flavor to the mix in the mastering stage

  • Lastly,I combine the audio with video to deliver your recording

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